Commercial Carpets Can Really Take a Pounding…


This is only logical, since there can be hundreds of people walking in and out on a daily basis. What about your offices? With coffee spills and high traffic areas, it’s easy to forget just how clean those carpets can really look. Did you know that some of our most loyal customers aren’t even residentials? Its true, a lot of our clients consist of banks, car dealerships, hotels and corporate offices!


Clean N Dry is Perfect For Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs:

With Clean n Dry, your hours of business are not affected because your carpets are dry cleaned and ready to walk on upon completion! Other companies may have you closing on a business day in order to let your carpets fully dry.


There are no long hoses connected to our vans that must be snaked through your building. Meaning? For security purposes, your doors stay CLOSED while our technicians work inside your place of business with self-contained equipment.


Your offices or place of business will take an immediate change of appearance. Your employees and customers will see just how much your business means to you.