Host - Green, Clean & Dry

How Does the Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning Process Work?





Micro Sponges are rotated through the carpet with special equipment using soft counter rotating brushes. The HOST® Sponges Cleaner dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans.



Just as a sponge in your kitchen holds onto dirt, the HOST® Sponges also trap the dirt. With a flip of a switch on the same equipment, the micro sponges are then vacuumed up.


The carpet is clean, dry and ready to use and enjoy right away!


Traditional steam cleaning or carpet shampooing often forces dirt to the bottom of your carpet by spraying pressurized water down in to it. This process may turn your dry dirt into mud, and may soon begin to smell like mildew, your pet or worse. Within a day or two, the sludge mixture dries. Through capillary action, the dissolved spots wick their way back to the surface. And voila! The spots reappear!